What is LOVE ?

The answer to every question, the solution to every problem, the medicine for every disease. the key to every door.  If love reigned on earth, all laws would be dispensable. But it is not the kind of love people talk about, but a power that is impossible to describe. For example, Wikipedia describes the word love as a kind of affection for another human being.
But remember that:

There's more than one way to love
There is more than this way,
to find the other half of himself
in another human being.

Love is not a state. It is what we are, what our souls are made of. The mental climax, which lasts not only a few seconds, just like the human one, but eternally. True love knows no pain, no heartache, for it knows no sorrow. It is not love that is painful, do not blame love for the things you do not understand. You project the pain itself, love alone knows no pain, for it only loves and does no harm to anyone.When you realize that you are love and come out of love, just as you will go back to love, when you realize that all is love that you are here to give love and to receive love, then you can have this beautiful feeling in you for the rest of your life and not only when you are newly in love again or happy for a short time. Because when you see it, you're in love all the time. Namely in love with love and life. Because love is life and life is love.