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This is a true story of a very special encounter between two people who have not sought but found each other. This encounter is not just that of two people. Rather, it is a collision of two soul fragments, the same soul family, in which the exchange takes place on a communicative level through impulses, vibrations and energies outside of space and time and not in a physical way. A mutual understanding without words, gestures, facial expressions, and without the absolute necessity of physical closeness. No. With us it was never love at first sight, it was love at first, common thought. The first common feelings, the first common laugh. . . . . Yes, it was more love at the first common laughing fit.

This smile triggers so much peace in me that the overwhelming feeling immediately disappears back into my chest and I regain control of my body. Insomnia's smile reminds me again that those who never understood my being and made fun of it are just to be pitied. That they'll never have what we have. All those feelings and magic in our lives. The inner peace and strength that the smile of my dual soul triggers in me, brings me only on more distant places. My body, however, obeys perfectly, it plays a perfect game and it is still a mystery to me how it can stand there so in this one reality that all people who are in that room perceive and at the same time everything that is inside me, again is in this other reality somewhere on a lonely bale of straw and my true self there in the darkness and silence of the night looks up longingly to the stars, while this second, perfect reality, in which my true self is now, only one more person in the whole room can recognize. Only she can really see me. Maybe because at the same moment she is lying there next to me again and we are dreaming of the stars together. There is magic.  So much magic in my heart..

The number 11:11 on the clock is also an indication of an error in the matrix that always lets us look at the clock at this exact time to make us aware that we are on the right track. When this number appears to us, it also means that we are on aparticularly light-filled path. This is often perceived by people who open themselves to a spiritual reality and use extraordinary energies for themselves and others. Especially in difficult times, many of these people who begin to perceive these energies set off on their way - to fill the world with what it lacks, namely "love". Insomnia's eyes shine as she still stares at me with fascination after I have stopped talking as if she were pulled by my words into a magical, dual reality again, in which she feels so much better than in this one.  She is the first person who looks at me like that when I say something and with just a short jump I now also get through the matrix, into this other reality in which she is and which is so beautiful that you would never want to leave it again. Our reality. Our world. Up there, on a lonely mountain, is Insomnia. On another mountain the ruin, which no longer seems important. I run, take off, and fly together with the wind in the direction of my dualsoul, but actually I don't have to do much, because the wind automatically brings me to her. All the energies that run through the air are most beautiful rainbow colours capture my being and keep pulling it in her direction. 

"Should we go for a walk together in the evening " Insomnia looks at me and I have never seen her in her human body on earth as happy and free as here, on this mountain, in our only real and perfect reality where we have created our own world wich only we know. "Sure", I respond, we say goodbye, as always only with a "Bye", because there are no hugs, handshakes, pecks or any other kind of physical closeness between us. Each of us flies away in a different direction, because there is another world to which we are drawn and in which we want to visit someone else. And althrough our ways parts here, we're together all the time..