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Continuation of "homesickness to the stars" 

If the "normal life" does not fill us 
Then we didn't come here, 
to live it and adapt to us.
We've come here 
to make a difference, 
to make things better 
Not to keep the old 
But to create something new 

In this book I tell you about a journey. I'm stilllooking for that specialsomething that calls myheart to me. I know thatI have to find somethingand that routine wouldnever make my hearthappy. A simple lifecould never fill my heart.

Full of anticipation I tell the trees what happened. My heart flies free and happy next to me, although it beats adventurously in my chest at the same time.
What will it be like in another country? A completely different culture? Another language? What will people be like? Are they happier because the sun always shines, or are they as dissatisfied and sad as the people in my country? How are the woods?   The joy my heart sends me is indescribable. New scents, tastes, adventures and experiences. I am so grateful that I have never been able to adapt, otherwise I would not have the courage to do something else than the others. I'd do the same thing everybody does. Work, eat, sleep and do it all over again, all the year, the whole life long.

What is it, that I have to find? Where is it? Where does this way leads me? Where are we going, my heart? Please tell me, when do we arrive finally..

The pilot welcomes thepassengers: "Welcome to the flight to MexicoCity via Frankfurt. " I can't prevent anuncontrolled smile and still can't believe whatI'm doing here. I don't speak a word of Spanish and I'm flying to a country where only Spanish is spoken. But it must be nice not to understand people's pointless talk. 

The plane's doors areclosing. My heart is beating fast and excited. Very briefly, the thought comes up in me that maybe I am just trying to run away and use the longing of my heart as an excuse for it. The plane is taking off. A smile adorns my face and tears my eyes as I watch the ever shrinking landscape from the window. There's so much down there that I love so much..