What is TRUTH ?

The truth of our heart, our true truth, is finally always innocent.All that feels right for you and your heart, is the truth and what really counts. Anything your heart says "yes" can't be a "no". If the heart says "Yes", then it also means "Yes". Therefore, one's own truth is always the right truth and only becomes a lie when one ignores and betrays the path of the heart. A person who goes the way of his heart will always strive for the truth. Truth is so natural to souls like me. We should never be deceived, because we know the truth. We do not understand why people lie because the truth is for us like breathing, a basic requirement. When someone lies, it hurts me deeply and there is hardly anything more painful than the falsity of another person trying to manipulate me. Even a simple "How are you" that is only choked out because it is proper. It's a lie in his heart, although his mouth is smiling, he doesn't really want to talk to me, he just wants to keep going. 
The energy field around him suddenly seems repulsive and when that happens, I no longer feel comfortable in my skin, so that I would like to go far away. There are very few people left that I feel comfortable around and that's a pity. Although they are not even aware of it and they are friendly and nice, this untruth exists in their hearts. 
Unfortunately, many of them are only focused on lies and falsehood, because the only thingt hat interests them is to stand in front of the others.

I am committed to the truth as I see it everyday, and not to consistency.Truth means not onlyt elling the truth, but above all living in one's own truth. That means being the truth yourself, remaining true to yourself and following your own heart. 
The heart always shows you the right way, it never lies to you. So don't lie about it either, because if you pretend and live by the rules or principles of others that you don't really think are right, then that's not your truth but a lie. You're pretending what sooner or later triggers a feeling of emptiness in you. The feeling comes from your heart, which is no longer noticed and locked away.

You think something's missing and you need to fill it in somehow. I know I'm repeating myself. But itis simply too important to not to say it again and again: You MUST do nothing but follow your heart. Your only obligation in this world is to your heart! Only if you follow him can you find true love.