What is "God"?

God has nothing to do with religion. Religion is anyway only a faith that is forced upon us to keep us apart. We're all the same. 
Religions divide us into groups and separate us. I believe in what my heart tells me and I follow it. Just as Jesus then delivered the message of the Creator: "I do not live in churches of stone. I live within you."

Religion itself created all this chaos here on Earth in the first place. Don't pay money to the church every month, you can also do something good with it than to support this system. Why do you let people manipulate you like this? Why do you believe what others tell you and not what your heart tells you?

If you want a better world, you have to start with yourself. People use religion to gain power and those who follow them are victims of this terrible invention of human. Even the Bible contains so many false statements. To know what is right or wrong, you have to communicate with your heart, if you have forgotten, then 
remember this language, because now is the time to remember everything again. You don't need anyone. You all alone have the power to communicate with God. Religions create their own God who has so many rules to follow, who condemns and even hates you if you do not do what he wants, forgetting completely who or what 
"God" is actually real. Maybe it's also the point of keeping you away from the truth with these lies. The true GOD, however, knows neithersin nor guilt, knows neither punishment nor revenge, and demands nothing at all.GOD is the light, he or she is LOVE. 
God is all you can think of. The image of God of each individual is individually different. Do not try to analyze it with your mind, for God is beyond all rational thinking. Divinity itself is unbelievable! As you think "God", God appears to you. It is our origin, our home, center of all creation, of BEING, of LIFE. 
For a bear, God would bea bear, for an ant only conceivable as an ant, for a flower only imaginable as a flower, for a human being as a human being. And everybody's right.

WE are LOVE 
And so WE are also