What is DEATH ?

There is no death. Everything that was once is still, only in a different form!

That which we call "death" and which triggers so much fear in everyone is only the beginning.

But one day you too will wake up from this dream here and realize that you can finally be free again and you will remember that there is no death at all.In today's society, death is still a so-called "taboo subject". You shouldn't talk about it, you shouldn't worry about it, because death is still something very bad, the worst of the worst that everyone fears the most. And if we haven't been good, we'll go to hell. Everything that is put into our heads has a reason. The brainwashing's working. We're afraid of death. We do not want to die and wish to stay young forever and not to age. So we always buy medication and beauty products. The worst with this things is that they are not just toxic, but they distract our thought and we are just looking in the outside for beauty, we think all the time that the real beauty is our body, and we forget to look for the real beauty inside of us. We only think about getting older and uglier and evoke it through our own thoughts. But we're not getting older, just wiser..

Dying does not mean ceasing to exist, it simply means taking off the human shell, leaving the body behind and being free again. 
Your soul and life are infinite, just like the source from which it comes. With the death of your body you are free again. Each of us will feel the feeling of true, real love, which he is, the feeling that as a human being he has long forgotten or is not able to feel. Everyone will be welcomed and received by this love, no one will be angry with you for any not so good deed, for love means forgiving also you must be able to forgive yourself. For the light-filled, loving soul it is difficult to forgive itself that it acted as human life only against the light, therefore also the decision to rebirth on earth to make up for missed opportunities. It's important to learn.

Because the soul strives for wisdom and wisdom is growth and growth the great plan of our Creator.

"It would be good if the sinful man would realize that he created the so-called "wrath of God" himself. The "angry God" is the human ego, who takes revenge for what he himself has caused, cause what man sows, he will reap."In the "New Revelation" (Marktheidenfeld 2004, 4th edition, p. 217)

When you die, you will see by yourself, that you just awake. A soul is love. Love does never die. It is always present.  The beloved soul knows how much you love her, and she doesn't want you to cry for her dead body. Because it's just trash. She wants you to understand that she's still here. 

Put yourself in the position, you are at your own funeral and all those you love so much are crying for you (or rather for themself because they don't have your body anymore around them) you would like to go to them and tell them to stop, but they don't see you and they don't hear you. And that makes you terribly sad, because there's nothing you can do. It's too late, they can't see you anymore. You better tell them right now that you don't want to and tell them what would make you happy. Make them understand why they shouldn't shed a tear and that you want to see happy faces when you leave your body behind.

You should celebrate funerals in colourful dresses, sing songs and be happy! Leave these old patterns and finally realize that death is nothing sad.

Do not grieve because you yourselves cannot cope with no longer having the body of a loved one around you but weep out of joy for your beloved soul, which can now still be with you more often and always because it has regained its freedom. This life is just a dream. Only then is real life!

Remember, you also have this knowledge in you, it is still there, just as it was there, you just have to remember it and recognize it. Let mind and heart work together, but never let mind prevail. Everyone has this very special purpose. It's like knowing before. Every body's got it in them. You're beautiful and very special yourself. You have great potential in you.

You just have to realize it and you'll see, you can create wonders with it. You have come as a miracle, to spread this miracle.  When you see it, there are no limits. Everything is possible. You are infinite. You are invincible and incredibly powerful and strong. You are the highest form of energy, cause you are the light and love itself. And love is healing. The earth needs your healing so much..